Internet Forums Are Disappearing, and That’s Worrying

The Decline of Internet Forums | heroweby

Internet forums, once bustling communities of discussion, are slowly disappearing. The rise of Reddit and Discord is changing the landscape of online communication. This shift is causing concern among many internet users and experts.

Internet Forums Are Disappearing, and That's Worrying

A Changing Landscape

Years ago, internet forums were the go-to place for online discussions. People gathered in these forums to share their interests, seek advice, and build communities. Each forum focused on specific topics, from technology to hobbies. They were organized, easy to navigate, and allowed for deep discussions.

However, the popularity of Reddit and Discord is overshadowing traditional forums. Reddit is a social news platform where users can submit content and vote on it. Discord is a chat application that offers both text and voice communication. Both platforms are gaining millions of users every year.

The Rise of Reddit

Reddit, founded in 2005, has grown tremendously. It now has over 430 million active users. It offers a vast array of communities, known as subreddits. These subreddits cover almost any topic imaginable. The voting system on Reddit ensures the most popular content rises to the top. This system creates a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Reddit’s design is appealing to new users. The simplicity of joining subreddits and participating in discussions is a strong draw. Reddit also allows anonymity, which can encourage people to speak more freely.

The Growth of Discord

Discord, launched in 2015, is another giant in online communication. Initially aimed at gamers, it has expanded to include all types of communities. Discord servers can host thousands of members, offering both text channels and voice chat rooms. This format is ideal for real-time conversations and gaming.

Discord’s interface is sleek and user-friendly. It allows for easy creation and management of servers. Users can join multiple servers and switch between them seamlessly. The platform also offers integration with other services, enhancing its functionality.

Why This Shift Is Worrying

The decline of traditional forums is causing concern for several reasons. Firstly, forums offered organized and searchable archives of discussions. Users could easily find old posts and continue past discussions. Reddit and Discord, however, prioritize recent content. This focus makes it difficult to find and continue older conversations.

Secondly, forums were often moderated by dedicated volunteers who ensured discussions stayed on topic and respectful. Reddit and Discord rely on community moderation, which can vary widely in quality. This inconsistency can lead to issues with harassment, misinformation, and off-topic posts.

Thirdly, the structure of forums encouraged long-form content and detailed discussions. Reddit’s voting system and Discord’s real-time chat can discourage in-depth discussions. Users may prefer quick, upvoted responses over detailed, thoughtful posts.

Loss of Niche Communities

Traditional forums catered to niche interests and smaller communities. These forums allowed users to connect deeply over shared passions. With the rise of Reddit and Discord, many niche forums are closing. Their members are forced to move to larger, less personalized platforms. This migration can lead to a loss of community spirit and detailed expertise.


The disappearance of internet forums is a worrying trend. While Reddit and Discord offer many benefits, they lack some key features that made forums valuable. The organized, searchable, and deeply focused nature of forums is hard to replicate. As we continue to embrace new technologies, it’s important to remember the strengths of past platforms. Balancing innovation with the preservation of valuable online communities is essential.

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